The Dubai Winter Festival – Out of the Record is a movie of the “fun jumps” made beside the world record jumps. Some freefly, trace, tracking and feet first atmo with athletes from all around the world.



The Atmonauti World Records was integrated in The Dubai Winter Festival at Skydive Dubai (SD). We jumped at the SD The Palm were we’ve made jumps at 13000 ft and SD Desert Campus where oxygen jumps at 19000ft were made.

We’ve beated the same record twice. First no-contact with 18 people and in the day after 19. Below you can see a picture by Noah Bahnson of the official 19 people record.

Noah's record photo

For the contact record some attempts were made but we just got 13, exactly the present world record. Photo below.


Novos Videos!

Saltos de Fevereiro e Março de 2009

Alguns saltos algo antigos, mas com momentos espectaculares que valem a pena relembrar e apreciar…

Obrigado a todos por estes inesquecíveis saltinhos!! 🙂

Time To Fly Free – Skydive Proença – Proença-a-Nova

Meeting Old Friends – Skydive Portugal – Évora